ATTENTION:  You are not CRAZY, you are GIFTED !

Your Life Purpose is the Goal,
your Gift Markings
are the tools specifically for you,
so you can
Answer the call of your Purpose,  
Monetize your passion
and Express yourself with ease and grace.

Imagine knowing you have a map in your hands that once decoded can support your Life Purpose in a way that is simple, revealing your gifts, talents and opportunities.

Did you know that only 10-15% of the general population have unique markings in their hands called Gift Markings ?

Many of my Purpose driven clients (who normally have at least 3-5 of these markings), before they found me, told me the following when their Gifts weren't activated (perhaps you can relate) 


  • "I feel confused aboutmy  Purpose and mission on this earth.  I  would do anything to know what I am  here to do and the gifts I  have".


  • "I feel like I am drowning in  overwhelm of the many choices there are, like being a writer, speaker, healer, leader, artist in the spotlight and more.  I want to express them effectively in my buiness."


    • "How can I eliminate my fears, frustration, procrastination and all the excuses I make real - keeping me frozen instead of using my gifts full out"
    • "I wish I could identify my self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns - so that I can moe forward each day focused on my Purpose and inspired by my gifts"
    • "I always feel like I am hiding from the world when really I want to show up and shine, with my gifts in service with joy."

Sound familiar?  When these challenges are coming for you over and over again, it's likely that you are not harnessing your true greatness and stuck in the student path.  

But there is an ancient system upgraded with Scientific methods that if identified for you aka Gift Markings that once identified are actually here to support you.

It's called Scientific hand anlaysis that is a system that identifies every one of your gifts.  Telling you how to use them with mastery instead of always being on the student (aka penalty) Path.

There are actually 18 possible gift markings in the hands.  Most people in the Hand Analysis Academy have more that two - which is a BIG deal.

Are you ready to find out more about your Gifts with this comprehensive home study course that once complete you will be able to:

  • Your path unlocked to new opportunities 
  • Abundant confidence to share your movement
  • Claim your stage and audience with a message that people understand straight away
  • Personal Power with healthy boundaries
  • Claim your natural leadership abilities
  • Write that book you have always wanted to without worrying about rejection
  • Use your intuitive gifts without shame so that you can guide others through their own healing journey
  • Be able to share your problem solving skills without second guessing your decisions

Hand Analysis reading testimonial 
Hand Anlaysis reading testimonial

Ever felt you just "know things" - well if you have a lot of these gift markings you are spot on. Learning to trust the guidance is paramount.


If you have any of these gift markings , they are to be used with others, and you get it "with the public" - no hiding out here. 


You can relax with these Gift markings - as they are here to support your personal life. You can also use them in your business.


Ever heard of what the "heart wants the heart wants"? These gift markings all relate to the way you think and connect. 

The aim of this course is to get you on the Mastery mode so you can unleash your Power and Live on Purpose with ease and Grace.

There are a possible 18 different Gift Markings - an example of some of them below

World Problem Solver

Super Achiever & Leader

Gifted Healer & Inspired Communicator

Fame & Fortune in the Spotlight

Risk Taker & Advocate

Wealth Generator

Course Curriculum

Dripped over 4 weeks - 1 full Category each week



Full video instructions and indepth manual $priceless

30 min private call with luanne mareen about your gift markings valued $297

Hand Shape training Bonus class included

Access for 3 months to the Hand Analysis Private Tribe - live Q&A's

What others say they have experienced with Scientific Hand Analysis

Natali Brown

Creator of

Gabrielle Bailey 

Midlife Mentor -  

Who this course IS for

  • Healers, teachers, coaches, alchemists who want to embrace their gifts and to use them in their business or personal life
  • People who are ready to be supported 
  • People  who are tired of just existing by default and willing to learn and change
  • People who have been on a spiritual journey for some time
  • People who have had their hands analysed and have more than 2 Gift Markings
  • Level 1 Hand Anlaysis practioners who want to learn more about Hand Analysis 


Who this course is NOT for

  • People who are not open to change
  • People who are ok with creating by default - come as it may is their motto
  • Women who are unsupportable
  • People who are not ready to look at their shadow side
  • People who do not have any Gift Markings (it's not that you are not Gifted, it's just that you don't HAVE to use them consciously like those who have markings in their hands)

Your Teacher - Master Hand Analyst

Luanne Mareen

Luanne Mareen is a Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Chief Goddess of Goddess on Purpose & Luanne is also a Master Hand Analyst and teacher, Business coach & Mentor, Chief Goddess. Luanne is the Creator of the Goddess on Purpose Oracle & Goddess-ence essential oil range.

Luanne works with healers, catalysts, coaches, teachers who find they are confused about their Purpose and who want to save precious energy, time and money by having their purpose identified in a professional and tangible way, so that they can create programs & services that are aligned to their own Purposeful Design, giving them flow, joy and being of service to their ideal clients.

“I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit” —Luanne Mareen.

Rochelle Judd


I did my first Life Purpose Scientific Hand Analysis with Luanne Mareen in Dec 2016.  The session of what showed up on my hands was one of the most incredible life changing moments of my life and has helped me learn what my purpose is so I can start to head on the path to fulfilled and urposeful career.

The way Luanne explained it was just amazing and I still look at my report and listen to the recording to keep me on the right path.

I have just sent in my second prints for an updated analysis.  The Life Purpose in the fingerpritns doesnt change but Gift Markings can - I can't wait.

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Home study course to help you increase your Prosperity through Pleasure & Power.
4 module training with pdf, video and workbook valued $27